Afghan woman mayor awaits assassination by Taliban


Zarifa Afghanistan's youngest and first female mayor has been on death row since the fall of Kabul to the Taliban.

"I am just waiting for the Taliban to kill me," he told the media.

The 27-year-old mayor was a Ghani government worker. Ghani has already left the country.  But the government workers have fallen into a helpless miserable condition.

Some have managed to escape. But many like Zarifa did not have that good fortune. They are now counting the dangers of a great danger.

In an interview with an international news agency Zarifa said "Many high-ranking officials of the Ghani government have escaped and saved their lives, But I have no place to go. So I am sitting here waiting for the Taliban militants to come - kill me!

"We have no one to help us," Zarifa said. I see no other way but to sit and wait with the family.  Taliban militants will appear here just to find people like me.

In 2016, Zarifa took over as mayor of Afghanistan's Maidan Wardak province.  "Everything was going well," he said.  At that moment, everything seemed to turn upside down.

The dream with which the country was advancing has been shattered in an instant.  Just wailing on all fours, trying desperately to survive.  Taliban fatwas have been issued in all corners of the country.  In this situation, the hope of survival of women like her is getting weaker.

Zarifa however has been threatened by the Taliban several times before. She was attacked three times.  But in the end, the Taliban assassinated Zarifa's father General Abdul Wasi Ghaffari on November 15 last year.

No matter how reassuring the Taliban are they will not let government workers scratch them.  But where people like Zarifa can rely on it!  Past experience is reminding Zarifad again and again.

Zarifa is worried about the horrible experience that women have had to go through. Wanting to escape his growing city, leave the country.  But he does not have that way. So now just waiting to die at the hands of the Taliban.

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