Ahajari of hundreds of peasant families who have been consuming the canal for hundreds of years at Debidwer



A human chain of hundreds of affected farmers protesting against the filling of 200 feet space of a century-old public canal at Debidwer.

The victim was tied up in front of the central graveyard of Abdullahpur village in Subil union of the upazila on Wednesday noon.

During the human chain, local farmers said the canal was dug during the British rule to drain the area and improve agriculture. The canal is connected to the tributaries Salda, Marjara, Buri, Titas and Gumti. In early 2019, in the name of widening the Abdullahpur Central Cemetery, the Cemetery Committee filled about 200 feet of the canal.  Karuzzaman Jewel, general secretary of Subil Union Awami League, Younus Bahadur, president of Sechcha Sebak League, Nazmul Hasan Liton, general secretary of Awami League, Ward 2, Shahidul Islam and other members assured that the canal would be dug or thick pipe after 6 months. Drainage will be arranged with.  In the meantime, two years have passed and the graveyard committee has not taken any action to dig the canal, which has caused a lot of damage to agriculture.  This year, the farmers planted the dam on the east side of Abdullahpur road on their own initiative, but the crop of this bill was somewhat good, but the western side of the road and other farmers' crops were severely affected.

Nargis Akhter wife of Monirul Islam, a farmer from Abdullahpur village, lamented that she did not get any crop in the last two years.  We are in big trouble, they are influential so we can't protest.

Md Moinal Hossain said that despite protesting against the filling of the canal, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer and the Upazila Assistant Commissioner (VM) had repeatedly applied for rescue and re-excavation of the canal but no remedy was forthcoming.  By keeping this canal alive, several villages and beels of the area, especially Shivnagar, Talluk's Pattar, Abdullahpur, Wahedpur, Kanibil, Ramnagar, Narayanpur and hundreds of acres of crops were not only damaged but also several houses were submerged under the water.

Abu Taher, a local farmer and heroic freedom fighter, said the Abdullahpur central mass grave is about 300 years old.  Established with about 10 acres of land, this mass grave can be used for another 500 years.  Even after that, the burial committee filled the canal dug for drainage and agricultural development of the region during the British rule and flooded the whole area.

Younus Bahadur, president of the Subil Union Volunteer League and a member of the graveyard committee, said the incident took place a few years ago.  After filling the canal, Nurul Islam and Khalilur Rahman built two large culverts at their own expense to drain the water.  Waterlogging has occurred in several villages and beels as one person built a house by filling the canal between Waheedpur Maidhar's house and Pir's house, including filling the two culverts.

Upazila Assistant Commissioner (VM) Mohammad Gias Uddin said, "I have instructed the local union VM assistant officer to take action after receiving the complaint."

In this regard, Upazila Nirbahi Officer Rakib Hasan said, if the canal is filled in the investigation, legal action will be taken against the accused including re-excavation.

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