Are you bangladeshi


At the time of Bangabandhu's death, Sheikh Hasina was at an airport in Belgium  Immigration officer saw Sheikh Hasina's passport and said to Bhru Kuch, are you Bangladeshi?

When the mourning daughter shook her head in grief at the death of her father, the officer said, "What an ungrateful nation you are. Did you kill Mujib who brought you freedom by belittling his own life and set such a precedent in history"? Sheikh Hasina  And he couldn't hold himself back, he couldn't hold back the grief, he cried out in the air, there was no one to comfort him that day. That airport in Belgium was a silent witness to the cries of a helpless, helpless woman.

The life of a nomad became the daughter of Bangabandhu, fleeing from this country to that country, from one place to another, finally finding a place in a tin hut in Calcutta.  He who brought freedom to the country, gave language, gave law, gave nationality, he lay in a secluded village of Gopalganj in careless neglect, and his daughter was exiled in a dark hut of the neighboring state in disrespect and humiliation!

Golam Azom's place in Bangladesh at that time, all the Razakars were rehabilitated one by one, but Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bengal, remained unwanted in her homeland!  Today's Prime Minister of Bangladesh Iron Manbi Sheikh Hasina is the tearless fatherless daughter of that day who crossed hundreds of obstacles and crossed the path of a friend with her life in her hands.

He brought back the history of the country, he started smiling again on the faces of the people of the country, he started dragging the Razakars towards the ropes of Fasi, spreading the fragrance of Joy Bangla in the country again.

On such days we not only criticize him, but stand by him as a friend, with him as a worker, and as his benefactor.  I invite those who are losing their way for the sake of super-intelligence to be the passengers of the right path again

 জয় বাংলা

 Joy Bangabandhu

 Jayatu Sheikh Hasina!

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