Bangabandhu was and will be: Mahbubul Alam Hanif

Qualified people like the great heroes of history are not created in all times, in all ages. In the course of time, only one and a half Hategona can become the 'great hero of history'. History gave birth to the ‘superhero’ at its own urging, and that ‘superhero’ became the main craftsman and architect of history writing. Bangabandhu was such a timeless great man. Who dreamed of an independent state and dreamed of the nation. He also established that dream 'Independent Bangladesh'.

August 15 is a dark day in the history of the Bengali nation. In the darkness of this black night of 1975, a group of assassins killed the most enlightened man of this nation. His name is Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The people of the country have placed him in the glorious seat of the Father of the Nation with utmost respect and whom Bangabandhu calls with sincere love.

Tomorrow is the day of martyrdom of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of that nation. 1985 to 2021 - not a short time. But even after such a long time carefully avoiding the dust of time, Bangabandhu is still alive and immortal in our memory thoughts and consciousness. He will be like that. Because, this is the 'unwritten love agreement of the child with the father!' The child of father Mujib is our freedom, our independent Bangladesh, the millions of awakened people of this country. This bond is not to be broken. No power in the world, no bullet of any murderous group, no propaganda of any critical party can separate Sheikh Mujib from the Bengali nation, its existence, its history and tradition, its freedom and its soul.

The Bengali nation and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib are therefore the name of one and indivisible entity. By assassinating Bangabandhu and his family on 15 August 1975, the assassins and their supporters behind the scenes thought that they had succeeded in removing Bangabandhu. But they could not imagine that Bangabandhu had moved away from the eyes of the nation and taken the place of the stars of the eyes, deep in the heart, from which no evil force could remove him.

Bangabandhu could not be removed from the heart of the nation. Bangabandhu is not there, but he has an inexhaustible ideal. There is his worthy daughter Sheikh Hasina and under her efficient and dynamic leadership there are lakhs of crores of workers working for the implementation of Bangabandhu's ideals.

So who says, who says there is no Bangabandhu! Bangabandhu was and will remain - in the spirit of the Bengali faith; Stay in the dream, in the waking. August 15 is not only a day of tears, but also a day of swearing. Oath to turn grief into strength.

On 15 August 1975, the bloodthirsty murderers did not stop killing the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and issued a heinous indemnity law to stop the trial of Bangabandhu's murder. For 21 long years from 15 August 1975, the Bengali nation was forced to bear the stigma of impunity. The trial was initiated in 1996 when the government was formed under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of the father of the nation. Leader of the people Sheikh Hasina started to rid the Bengali nation of stigma by enforcing the death sentence of some of the killers in 2010 through the judicial process by bringing the killers of Bangabandhu to justice. The expectation of the nation is that the daughter of Bangabandhu will bring the rest of the convicted convicts back to the country very soon and execute the verdict. In addition to these convicted killers, the masterminds behind it also need to be unmasked and brought to justice. Only then will the nation be able to unite in the spirit of the great liberation war by ending all divisions within the nation.

In order to realize Bangabandhu's dream of a golden Bengal, we all have to work for the country with awareness of true patriotism. That will be the best way to show respect and esteem to Bangabandhu.

As long as Bangladesh exists, as long as the history of the world exists, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib will be ignited in the heart of every Bengali, in the heart of every freedom-loving, peace-loving, humanist. Bangabandhu's life philosophy will inspire the Bengali nation forever - will show the way. The Bengali nation will forever remember this great man who built the history of Bangladesh with respect, gratitude and love.

The dream and hope with which the Father of the Nation fought against the exploitation and deprivation of Pakistan and established the 'Independent and Sovereign People's Republic of Bangladesh' has come a long way. Food, clothing, education, medical care and housing are the five basic rights of the people today.

The golden Bengal of Bangabandhu's dream is on the way to be established today under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. Bangladesh is a developing country today. Bangladesh is on its way to becoming a middle income country through rapid development. Let today's Bangladesh be a prosperous and self-respecting Bangladesh of a non-communal consciousness.

On this day, I express my deep respect and love to all the martyrs of August 15, including Bangabandhu.

Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu.
Mahbubul Alam Hanif
Joint General Secretary

Bangladesh Awami League

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