Debidwar postmaster Wahidur Rahman wants to live without treatment due to lack of money


Wahidur Rahman, an old postmaster of Devidwar in Comilla, is suffering from paralysis and kidney disease in his left hand.  Due to lack of money, the treatment is not going on.  In order to meet the medical expenses, all the resources have already been exhausted.  If the rich people and institutions of the society and the Prime Minister intervene, maybe the life of Postmaster Wahid will be saved.

Wahidur Rahman (7) is a resident of Munshi Bari in Taltola village of Mohanpur union of Debidwar upazila.  Father Shabdar Ali Munshi and wife Ahida Begum have been battling cancer for a long time.  His family has also lost everything in the treatment of his wife and father.

Then the bad news like the sky broke.  The 6-year-old has lost two kidneys including his left hand.  For a long 11 months, the country's medical expenses have been around 6 lakh rupees.  In order to raise this money, he has taken a loan at a high interest rate of around two lakh rupees.

Wahidur Rahman, who lost everything after the death of his wife Ahida Begum in 2020, was paralyzed and suffering from kidney disease when he took the helm of the family.  His earned income was the main source of running the family.  Wahidur Rahman, who lost his wife, is currently in a dire financial situation despite having three sons and three daughters.  This patient has not been receiving any treatment for the last 4 months due to lack of money.  The family is having trouble moving on.

According to the doctor, Wahidur Rahman will have to undergo kidney dialysis twice a week indefinitely without treatment for paralysis.  It costs 2,500 rupees to do dialysis every time.

According to the doctor, it is necessary to make a mandatory transplant between the two kidneys, including the treatment of his paralysis.  Or his life is in danger.  It requires about 12 lakh rupees.

In the post office room of the Mohanpur UP office, Wahidur Rahman said that at present, the cost of treatment is far away and the cost of supporting their families is not being met.  Someday the cooperation of the neighbors is going on.

According to sources, after passing SAC from Mohanpur High School in Wahidur Rahman Upazila in 1970, one of the accused in the Agartala conspiracy case located at Dhanmondi Road, Dhaka, at the filling station set up by Ahmed Sheikh Fazlur Rahman, a close associate of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.  He took.  While doing this job, Wahidur Rahman had to do various chores in Bangabandhu's house at different times and he has seen Bangabandhu very closely.  He was also detained by the Pakistan Army during his campaign for Bangabandhu in the 1970 general election.  Wahidur Rahman lost his job after Bangabandhu was killed in 1975 and his filling station was closed as his workplace was at Bangabandhu's place of death.  After returning to his area and working for Habibur Rahman Textile Mill for 10 years, he took a job as a post man at Mohanpur Post Office of the upazila in 1991 with a salary of Tk 36. He has been promoted to the post of Post Master since 2013 and is still working.  He is currently the president of his ward Awami League.

 Wahidur Rahman was born on 23 March 1955 in Taltola Munshi house of Mohanpur union in Debidwar upazila of Comilla district.

Wahidur Rahman added in a tearful voice,

Her sons do not inquire about her now.  He has been at the helm of the family for many years.  The money he had saved, the wealth he had, and the medical care of his wife and children were gone.  At present, his income is also closed due to his illness.  He is currently fighting for his life.  He is seeking the intervention of the Hon'ble Prime Minister with the expectation of humanitarian cooperation to come forward with his treatment.

Muradnagar Upazila We Muktijoddha Sontan Committee President and General Secretary of Muradnagar Press Club Shariful Alam Chowdhury has requested the wealthy people and organizations of the society to come forward for the treatment of Post Master Wahidur Rahman.  For more details about the sick post master Wahidur Rahman, contact Wahidur Rahman directly on 01813031042.

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