Editors' Council wants to hear Mohammad Shariful Alam Chowdhury's grievances


The Editors' Council Thursday said they would hear the grievances directly from Shariful alam chowdhury who resigned recently from the organisation as general secretary on the ground of "differences of opinion" with president of the council.

The Editor's Council also authorised Reazuddin Ahmed, a senior member of the Council, to personally communicate the content of the resolution to Shariful Alam Chowdhury and pursue the latter to attend the next meeting.

Mr Ahmed has been requested to report back to the president about the development of his efforts within seven days, according to a press statement.

In the statement, the council said, "The Editors' Council, suddenly faced with a crisis arising out of Mr Mohammad Shariful Alam Chowdhury's unilateral public announcement of resignation from the post of its general secretary on July 27, 2021, and that too from abroad, on grounds of differences of opinion with the president and the subsequent public response of the president the next day, held an emergency virtual meeting of its members at 3:00 pm on July 29 to address the issue."

The meeting, presided over by the Council's President Mahfuz Anam unanimously adopted the decisions.

"The Council, for the sake of greater unity of the organisation, would hear the grievances of Mr Shariful Chowdhury directly from him, who is expected to return to Dhaka on July 31, and therefore requests him to attend the next meeting of the Council to be held as soon as possible," it said.

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