Health Ministry notifies NIAB as central drugs lab for COVID-19 vaccines


The vaccine testing and certification process would be eased soon as the previously granted central drug laboratory (CDL) would be established in the National institute of Animal Biotechnology premises of Gachchibouli, a gazette notification was issued by the Union Health and Family welfare ministry.

The National institute of animal Biotechnology unit would now be upgraded for testing COVID-19 and other vaccines in its flexure. The newly sanctioned drug laboratories would be run with the Prime Minister (PM) care fund and the establishment of such a unit would enable the drug labs to conduct tests and certify vaccines for sixty batches of vaccines. The drug testing labs would ease the vaccine preparation, manufacturing and supplies from the state of Telangana.

Presently, two drug testing and vaccination certification labs are there in the country and they are located in Kasoli of Himachal Pradesh and Noida, in Uttar Pradesh.

The present preparatory manufacturing and certification process is taking 45 to 60 days as the distance between the manufacturing units and the testing labs is almost 1871 kms from the preparatory unit.

The centre after examining this has sanctioned for the establishment of two units, one in Pune and the other in Hyderabad.

The state government of Telangana has sought the establishment of drug testing labs in the genome valley but the central government has taken a decision of establishing the unit in the National Institute of Animal Biotechnology.

The NIAB is spread over a sprawling campus of hundred acres and two hundred employees are working in its flexure. The central government has allocated an extent of 15 acres land for the central drug laboratories and the new unit would be completed in a span of one year.

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