Muhibullah is the new Presedent of Hefazat Islam


Muhibullah Babungari an advisor to Hefazat-e-Islam in Bangladesh has been announced as the new presedent.

His name was announced as the new amir on behalf of the organization late on Thursday night.

Hefazat's Presedent Junaid Babungari died of a stroke on Thursday at around 12 noon.

On the one hand while the process of janaza of Junaid Babungari's body was going on in Chittagong's Hathazari area on the other hand, the process of announcing the new amir of the organization was going on.

Hefazat secretary general Nurul Islam Jehadi said that since the evening the leaders of the central committee of Hefazat had discussed the telephone and announced Muhibullah Babungari as the new presedent. They will get it approved by the council later.

Asked why the new presedent was appointed within hours of Junaid Babungari's death the jihadi said they were in no hurry. Since many people gather at the janaza of Junaid Babungari they quickly decided to appoint a new amir to take the opportunity to inform them.

Junaid Babungari will be buried in Babungari area of ​​Chittagong.

According to Jihadi the new Amir Muhibullah Babungari became the uncle of Junaid Babungari.

He has also been the chief adviser of Hefazat for so long.

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