Shakib Khan speaks up on the Pori Moni issue

 Renowned actor Shakib Khan opened up about the much talked about arrest of Pori Moni today, with The Daily Star. "Being her colleague, as far as I know, Pori Moni grew up without her parents," said Shakib. "There is a huge difference in the way she grew up, compared to others her age. Her struggles have definitely not been the same as other people. Perhaps not having a guardian around has often led her to make decisions which were not right for her." 

He further said, "On August 10, Pori Moni's elderly grandfather had rushed to the court premises to visit her. Even the risks of the coronavirus pandemic could not stop him. However, what a cruel time it is! He was unable to meet his granddaughter."

"I even heard her grandfather say that all her life, Pori Moni has selflessly devoted herself for others."

Since the matter is under trial, Shakib refused to comment on the technicalities of the arrest, and hoped that Pori Moni will be judged fairly under an impartial investigation.

After her arrest which was based solely on allegations, Bangladesh Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti did not extend any cooperation towards her, temporarily suspending her membership. "This inhumane behaviour of the association towards an artiste has left me personally shocked and amazed. Now the question remains, whose interests is the association looking after?" says Shakib Khan.

He also said that those who misled Pori Moni should also be brought under judgement. "Pori Moni has been in more than 30 movies, and has several more in her hands," says Shakib Khan. "On the contrary, those who are leading luxurious lives misusing the label of an "artiste" year after year without working in a single film, why don't we find out about their source of income?" he asserted.

The actor also stated that he felt anxious after Pori Moni was transferred to the Kashimpur prison, hoping that she will learn from her mistakes after this ordeal.

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