The ferry pushes again on the pillars of the Padma Bridge, the smell of new conspiracies


A ferry leaving from Banglabazar Ghat collided with the pillar of Padma Bridge again.  Today, Friday (August 13) at around 8 am, a K-type ferry named Kakli lost control and collided with the 10th pillar of the bridge.  No casualties were reported from the passengers on the ferry.  However, it was not immediately known whether there was any damage to the pillars.

Repeatedly pushing the ferry on the pillars of the Padma Bridge seems normal, as if there is a hint of a special conspiracy.  In order to protect the Padma Bridge, it is necessary to provide 24-hour patrol of the naval police and stop the movement of heavy vessels between 3 km upstream and 2 km downstream on both sides of the Padma Bridge.  At the same time, there should be specific rules for navigating under the bridge, such as closing more than two waterways from upstream to downstream and downstream, and strictly controlling these routes with naval traffic police.  The Ministry of Shipping should quickly demarcate and take appropriate action.

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