The modern version of the Taliban


A country moves forward with its own art literature culture history-tradition and traditional civic customs.Afghanistan is no exception.

The modern version of the Taliban

Over the last 20 years, power struggles wars and conflicts.The politics and economy of Afghanistan revolved around civil war and bloodshed. As a result, there was uncertainty and fear in the minds of the Afghan people.

In the meantime, the Taliban have had a chance to retaliate as US troops have left the country. They have also taken control of the capital by occupying different provinces one after another. After this bloodless rise of the Taliban, the old panic has not abated.  As a result military and civilian civilians are trying to flee their homes. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has also fled in fear of the Taliban.

But the Taliban of 20 years ago and today's Taliban are completely different or can be called the modern version of the current Taliban.It is here that the power of Afghanistan is handed over to a new modern Taliban version of political diplomacy or far-reaching Western thinking.

The statements of the modern Taliban version on women's empowerment education policy, sports economy politics art literature, music and religion are re-introducing the Taliban.

Even then the fear remains.  Because the modern version of the Taliban is basically state power, but the grassroots are the destroyers of the traditional civilization of the Taliban. Over the past 20 years the creation of a new version of the Taliban has been very successful, but it has not yet been possible to completely remove Afghanistan from its traditional place.

Only time and civilization will tell what stage the new version of the Taliban will take the future of Afghanistan than the old Taliban !!

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