Yash opened his mouth about Nusrat's child


Finally the heroine Nusrat gave birth to a son.  There are various discussions and criticisms about her being a mother. The heroine reported that she got pregnant after breaking up with her husband. The hero is in love with Yash then.  So there are many rumors about the father of the child.

Many people think that this boy is the result of living together with her boyfriend Yash.  However, Nusrat or Yash never opened his mouth about this

However Yash has been looking for Nusrat since she became pregnant.She was next to his girlfriend even after going to the hospital recently.

Actress Nusrat Jahan gave birth to a baby boy at a well-known private hospital on Park Street on Thursday. Being with him at this time, everyone is looking for Nusrat from Yash.  Addressing them, Yash said, 'After C-section, both mother and child are healthy, they are fine.

Earlier on Wednesday night, the actress left for the hospital with her special friend Yash Dasgupta. On the way to the hospital, the actress also visited Yash's house. Last Wednesday, Yash spoke for the first time about Nusrat's child. She said he was looking forward to the good times.

In the words of the actor, ‘I don’t share my personal life. But that is good news. I am looking forward to the good times. '

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