Attack on Munmun Sen's house

The miscreants attacked the house of Munmun Sen an actress from West Bengal and a former Trinamool MP. The incident took place at his home in Baliganj on Saturday night.  Police later arrested four people on the basis of Munmun Sen's allegations.  If taken to court, they have been granted bail on a bond of Tk 500.

According to an Indian media source, some people suddenly broke into Munmun Sen's house around 11 pm on Saturday. When the house staff interfered, they abused and beat them. At this time three persons named Kartik, Buddha and Shankar were injured.  After the incident, Munmun Sen called Baliganj police station and later lodged a written complaint.  After receiving the complaint, the police arrested four people on Sunday.  However, the cause of the attack is not yet known.

Moonmoon Sen has two daughters popular actress Raima Sen and Riya Sen. His mother Suchitra Sen is a proverbial actress in Bengali films.In the nineties of the last century, Moonmoon Sen acted in several Bengali, Hindi and English movies including 'Peer Ka Saudagar','Vivadhan', 'Neel Nirjane', 'Biskanya', 'Jal' and 'Anjali'.

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