Cambridge University teacher is a Bangladeshi Tasnim


Cambridge University Clinical Supervisor (Undergraduate) has joined Dr Tasnim jara.

Last Monday Tasnim confirmed her joining Cambridge University in a post on her own Facebook page.

There she wrote I joined Cambridge University in the UK as a Clinical Supervisor (Undergraduate). Simply put I have taken the responsibility of teaching the fourth, fifth, and sixth year medical students of the university.

Sh further writes the initial engagement in this new assignment is a little more. There is also medicine. All in all, very few videos have been made in the last two months. I have been able to answer very few of your questions. Thank you for being patient at this time. I hope to be able to make more videos and answer your questions in the coming months. See you in the new video soon.

In the light of her direct work experience in various reputed hospitals Tasnim created medical content for Bengali speakers through social media. Which has already brought him huge popularity on social media.

The British government has also recognized Bangladeshi doctor Tasnim jara as a 'vaccine luminary'.

Incidentally Dr. Tasnim jara completed her MBBS from Dhaka Medical College and graduated from Oxford University.

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