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In addition to acting many celebrities have entered the business.Some of them have found success in restaurants, some in boutique houses some in parlor-gymnasiums.  This time small screen actress Faria Shahrin has been added to the list. The Lux star has started selling cosmetics online.

Faria is currently in the United States. From there he will bring good quality cosmetic products and deliver them to the consumers.  From there the actress shared the news of her new business on Facebook status.

Faria writes, ‘I started the journey with Mac products. We all use more or less Mac products. So I'm doing Bismillah with Mac products. You can let me know in the inbox what Mac product you need.  If you have a picture, you can send it too.  Or you can send your number. You will contact the inbox once you are 100% sure.  If you contact me, I will send the product details, you have to advance to get the product. '

She further wrote, 'No one will give massage for ajaira ganjano. I hope everyone will cooperate with me. The comment option has been turned off to avoid bad comments from people with dirty minds. So if you want to take the product, contact the inbox.The product will be delivered at the end of September InshaAllah. I am very excited about the work. I want everyone's prayers and inspiration. '

Faria Shahrin is a bit outspoken. She has been seen expressing his views on various issues with his status on Facebook. This beauty often has to be trolled for posting bold pictures on social media. Not only that, sometimes many people ask him offensive questions.

"Sometimes I think if I hadn't come to the media, would anyone have dared to insult me?"  At the end of the day without any mischief, hypocrisy you have heard that you went abroad to sell leather how much money did you earn?  Whose flat did you get in?  What is the rate per night? If there is alcohol, remove it. Whose bed did I heat? '

She added, ‘A lot of celebrities may ignore this but I can’t. Blood rises to the head.  I have been so good for so many years, I have been so honest. How many people showed greed for money I also controlled myself.  What I got at the end of the day a title called Mother ...  Nothing more. It is very difficult, for some people people have the courage to speak like this.How helpless we are. '

It is to be mentioned that Faria Shahrin came to the discussion by acting in the latest serial 'Bachelor Point'. She has been seen in the role of Antara in the play.

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