New committee of Barisal Metropolitan NDB: President Fouad Secretary Faisal


The 14-member Barisal metropolitan branch has approved Md Farhad Hossain Fuad as president and Md Faisal Ahmed as general secretary. The other members of the committee are Abdullah Al Mamun (Al Amin) Khan, co-chairman of the committee, which has been approved to build a prosperous country free from poverty, corruption, murder and disappearance by showing respect to religion, motivation to Bayann and due respect to all heroes.  Md. Rafiqul Islam-Joint General Secretary, Md. Sujan Khan-Organizational Secretary, Md. Riaz Chowdhury-Finance Secretary, Md. Bellal-Office Secretary, Md. Samim-Religious Affairs Secretary, Md. Hanif-Publicity Secretary, Women-Children and Welfare Secretary Mosammat Amirun Nesa  , Md. Rahatul Islam-Technology and Training Secretary, HM Imran Hossain-Executive Member, Md. Jalal-Executive Member and Anich Caesar-Executive Member.  Spokesperson and Senior Vice Chairman Shanta Farzana told the media about the approved committee that a committee is being formed to unite the conscious citizens across the country and say 'no' to the political-administrative criminals-corruptors.  Any pro-religion-country-independence citizen can become a member at any time by sending an SMS to 01795568137. Therefore, it is the political responsibility of all of us to join the new trend by loving Bangladesh-Bangladesh people.

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