Pori Moni is seeking the intervention of the Prime Minister


Porimoni is suffering from insecurity even after being released on bail after 26 days. The actress who has been discussed and criticized for various reasons has given such an indication by posting a status on Facebook. 26 days in jail seems to have given his life a new realization. Freedom seems to have come to him in a different way.

On Monday evening Porimoni wrote on her verified Facebook page, ‘Daughter of Bangabandhu, can you give me some security!  The people on the streets are not so unsafe either. Don't look at me once, how I am alive. '

There is another tone of insecurity hidden in this longing of the bride. The memorable fairy posted a picture of a handwritten letter on Facebook yesterday and told the fans the story behind her fight and survival. There he wrote, ‘A letter. Here is the story of all my strength.'The letter said,' Nanu, I am fine. Don't worry. I'll see you soon. '

His only guardian, Parimani, gave him the letter after his girlfriend was arrested. "I'm trying to keep it intact," she said. In the end I was able to keep it intact in the face of adversity including detention, remand, and imprisonment. This letter is a force in my life.

On the night of August 4, after a four-hour operation, RAB arrested Parimani and her accomplice Dipu from Banani's house with drugs. Then on August 5, RAB filed a case against Parimani and her accomplice under the Narcotics Control Act at Banani Police Station.  After remand and jail, on August 31, Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge KM Imrul Kayesh granted bail to the bride on a bond of Tk 50,000 and three other considerations.

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