The first meeting of the new committee today: Former Health Minister Dr Ruhul and district A-League vice president Kazi Ertaza Hassan is going Satkhira

The first meeting of the present committee of the Satkhira district branch of Bangladesh Awami League the oldest political party of the subcontinent is being held on Saturday (September 11).

Several party sources have confirmed that the meeting will start at 10 am at Lakeview in Kamalnagar Satkhira with the hoisting of national and party flags. At the end of the meeting, a cultural program was organized by the party leaders and workers.

According to Awami League party sources, only the identity of the present committee will be revealed in today's meeting.The meeting will be attended by the chief guest as a member of the Bangladesh Awami League Adviser M-Lee, former successful health minister Professor.  AFM Ruhul Haque-MP. The meeting will be held under the chairmanship of Satkhira District Awami League Acting President AK Fazlul Haque and General Secretary and District Council Chairman Md Nazrul Islam.The meeting will be attended by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, former president and former MP of district Awami League and chief engineer of Satkhira sub-division Mujib Bahini during the war of liberation and current senior vice-president and former district convener and former MP BM Nazrul Islam.

Meanwhile, the first introductory meeting of the current committee of the district Awami League has caused a great stir among the leaders and workers of the party.  At the same time, he expressed his full expectations to the new committee. The party leaders and workers said that Satkhira district Awami League has a glorious history. Satkhira's history and tradition is glorious in various movements including the Great War of Independence the Education Movement of 1962 the Six Point Movement of 1966 the People's Movement of 1968 the People's Uprising of 1969 the Election of 1970 the People's Movement of the 1990 with But despite being the oldest party in the subcontinent, the Awami League does not have a district office in Satkhira. According to party sources, the party had a district office in Satkhira sub-division till 1984.The sub-divisional Awami League office was in the area adjacent to Ahsania Mission on Nazmul Sarani in the city.  When Satkhira declared itself as a district, that office was abolished.  After that for a long time a specific office of the district Awami League was seen.However, the organizational activities of the party have been conducted from someone's home or from someone's business. After the Awami League came to power in 1996 an office house and a signboard were erected overnight in the open space near the gate of Shahid Abdur Razzak Park ahead of the arrival of Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Satkhira.  The matter was presented by Khulna journalist Manik Saha at a meeting of the District Law and Order Committee in the presence of the Prime Minister at Satkhira Circuit House.  On the same night after the departure of the Hon'ble Prime Minister the activities of the Awami League have been conducted from home and business till 2000. According to party sources, then 15-16 years ago, a former MP next to a residential hotel in Satkhira Palashpol area.  The district Awami League office was set up on the second floor of Mokhlesur Rahman.  But that too was stopped later.  After that, the signboard of the district Awami League office was seen in the office of the daily Kal Chitra Patrika for some time. However, at present there is no office of Satkhira District Awami League.  Besides, the top leaders of the district level sit in their private offices and residences and exchange views and meetings with the leaders and workers. In addition, to conduct party activities and discussion meetings, one has to rent a resort or rent a hotel.  In addition, sometimes there is a discussion meeting in the open field.Thus the management of organizational activities is in trouble.  Leaders and activists said that there was a problem in keeping documents as there was no party office.If there is a party office, pictures of the late leaders and workers of the party at various levels, information and pictures of the development activities of the government can be preserved.  The decision can be taken by discussing the problems and possibilities in the presence of the general leaders and workers in the party office. The organizational base of the team is strong. The democratic process can be continued.

According to a source, hundreds of party leaders and activists from different upazilas, unions and villages come to the district town every day with various tasks. If there was an office, they could exchange greetings with the leaders and workers. This could have created a strong bridge between the leaders and supporters of the party. But the activists and supporters of Awami League are being deprived of that opportunity.

In this regard, several leaders of the district Awami League said on condition of anonymity that although the district Awami League does not have a permanent office, the party has offices along with committees at various upazila, municipal, union and ward levels outside the district town. In that case, it is unfortunate that the country's oldest political party and the Awami League, which has been in power for 13 consecutive years, does not have a district office.

Meanwhile on January 8, 2021, one year later, a 75-member full committee and a 35-member advisory council of the Satkhira district Awami League were formed.  The committee was approved by the party's general secretary and road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader on the instructions of Bangladesh Awami League president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina.

Earlier, Munsur Ahmed was re-elected as president and Nazrul Islam as general secretary at the second session of the tri-council held at Shaheed Abdul Razzaq Park in Satkhira on December 12, 2019.  Abdur Rahman, joint general secretary of the Bangladesh Awami League, the chief guest of the council, announced their names and directed them to form a full committee within three months.  The full committee was submitted a year later.

Satkhira district Awami League office secretary Sheikh Harun Ur Rashid said the 65-member full committee has 39 editorial posts and 36 executive members.  Besides, an advisory council of 35 people was kept in the committee. When the chairman of the committee Munsur Ahmed passed away on the first of February, the central committee nominated Fazlul Haque as the acting chairman. BM Nazrul Islam, Mir Mostaq Ahmed, Kazi Erteja Hasan, Md. Are currently the vice-presidents.  Shahidul Islam, Principal Abu Ahmed, freedom fighter Sheikh Shafi Ahmed, Md.  Ashadul Haque, Master Nilkantha Som, Sheikh Shahid Uddin and Sahana Mohid.  General Secretary Nazrul Islam, Joint-Secretary Syed Firoz Kamal Shuvro, Asaduzzaman and AHM Tareq Uddin respectively.  Law Secretary Osman Gani, Agriculture and Cooperatives Secretary Munshur Ahmed, Information and Research Secretary Afsar Ahmed, Relief and Social Welfare Secretary Azharul Islam, Office Secretary Sheikh Harun Ur Rashid, Religious Affairs Secretary Arafat Hossain, Publicity and Publication Secretary Anit Kumar Mukherjee, Forest and Environment Secretary  Gazi Anisuzzaman, Science and Technology Secretary GM Fattah, Women's Affairs Secretary Shimon Shams, Liberation War Secretary Santosh Kumar Sarkar, Youth and Sports Secretary Sheikh Abdul Quader, Education and Human Resource Development Secretary Laila Parveen Senjuti, Industry and Commerce Secretary Sheikh Ejaz  Sardar Mujib, Cultural Affairs Secretary Shamima Parveen, Health and Population Affairs Secretary.  Subrata Kumar Ghosh, Organizing Secretary GM Shafiul Azam, Md.  Ataur Rahman, Kazi Akhter Hossain, Deputy Office Secretary Sheikh Asaduzzaman, Deputy Publicity and Publication Secretary Lecturer Pranab Ghosh Bablu and Treasurer Rajeshwar Das.

Executive Committee members Engineer Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Firoz Ahmed, SM Jaglul Haider, SM Shawkat Hossain, ABM Mostakim, Advocate Mozhar Hossain Kantu, Sheikh Nurul Islam, Narim Ali Master, Md.  Mujibur Rahman, Firoz Ahmed Swapan, Sheikh Naserul Haque, Sheikh Abdur Rashid, Md.  Shahjahan Ali, Md.  Shahadat Hossain, Ghosh Sanat Kumar, SM Ataul Haque Dolan, Md.  Moniruzzaman Moni, Sheikh Maruf Hasan Mithu, Aminul Islam Laltu, Saeed Mehedi, Md.  Abdul Quader, Sajedur Rahman Khan Chowdhury Majnu, Principal Zafrul Alam Babu, Mir Mosharraf Hossain Montu, Asaduzzaman Asle, Advocate Syed Ziaur Rahman Bachchu, Enamul Haque Chhota, Engineer Mehedi Hasan Sumon, Mrs. Kahinur Islam, Mostafizur Rahman Nasim,  Nazmun Nahar Munni, Md.  Shamsur Rahman, Mir Zakir Hossain, Mrs. Mahfuza Ruby and Ismat Ara Begum.

He further said that as there is no district Awami League office, documents and other information cannot be stored properly.  The party office is very important.  If there is a party office, the leaders and workers of the party get excited.  The organizational foundation is strong.  Through discussion, the organization can be strengthened, problems can be solved.

Satkhira district Awami League general secretary Nazrul Islam said the introductory meeting of the current committee would be held at Lakeview.  In this way, there is enthusiasm and enthusiasm among the party leaders and workers.  After a long time, the introductory meeting will again become a gathering of Awami League leaders and workers.  In response to a question, he said, the party office is definitely urgent.  Land is being seen for the party office.  The construction of the party office will start as soon as the land is found in a suitable place.  He further said that earlier the party president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina had directed to allot land for Satkhira district Awami League office and start activities.  But it could not be done due to lack of land and various complications.  However, Satkhira district Awami League office will be established, said Md. Nazrul Islam.

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