BNP wants to do politics with Begum Zia's body: Hanif


BNP wants to do politics with Begum Zia's body: Hanif

By confusing the people and realizing that the government cannot be overthrown by agitation, the BNP now wants to agitate by pushing Begum Zia to the brink of death. Awami League joint general secretary Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif MP has said that they want to do politics with Begum Zia's body.

He said this while addressing the tri-annual conference of Dhaka Metropolitan North 1st Unit Awami League at Azampur Rabindra Smarani in Uttara on Saturday morning.

Speaking as the chief guest, Hanif said that the BNP has now started politics with Begum Zia's illness after seeing the development cycle.

He was the Prime Minister, he was the BNP Chairperson. Prisoner convicted in corruption case. The country has a constitution, it has laws. Prison rules have to be followed.

There is no scope for separate law for Begum Khaleda Zia and Mirza Fakhrul. The law is the same for everyone.

He said the prime minister had shown his humanity by going beyond the confines of the law and giving him the opportunity to stay at home in the executive branch. He has given the opportunity to keep the housemaid in the jail.

The sentence was suspended and he was given medical treatment. There is no precedent anywhere in the world to give such an opportunity to a prisoner.

Unable to abide by the law, the Prime Minister has given all the opportunities for treatment by showing humanity. After the BNP leaders took him home, they said that the Prime Minister had done humanitarian work but now they are demanding that he be sent abroad. By what law will he go abroad?

Hanif said that now there is only one way if His Excellency the President confesses his guilt and apologizes.

If the sentence is commuted through pardon of the President, he will be able to take treatment at home and abroad. I will ask the BNP leaders, why are you not going to that?  If you really had compassion for Begum Khaleda Zia. Then your first task was to apologize to the President.

The Awami League joint general secretary said the BNP does not have a headache for Begum Zia's physical well-being.

Hanif said that his child also has no love.Tareq Rahman will not come to see his sick mother.  Because the greed for power is more to him than his mother's affection. BNP wants Khaleda to die.Their aim is to seize state power by creating an instability in the country and burning it. One dreamed while sitting in London, and Mirza Fakhrul dreamed while standing in front of the Press Club. There is no opportunity to realize this dream in this country.

Mentioning that BNPE is now a big threat to Begum Zia's life, he said that BNP does not have the power to bring down the government through movement. So they are misleading the nation by lying. After Begum Khaleda Zia went to jail, she had a personal maid. I want to ask Mirza Fakhrul Sahib, why slow poisoning came suddenly? Or are you conspiring anew?

Hanif said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the address of hope and aspiration of Bengalis.  The Awami League has come to power with the absolute mandate of the people.  Padma Bridge, Metrorail, Elevated Expressway, Karnafuli Tunnel, Nuclear Power Plant are being built in the country. The country's infrastructure is being developed but these are not visible to the BNP.

At that time, he added, the BNP has been doing anti-politics since its birth.  There are millions and millions of Awami League leaders and workers all over the country to stop any evil force, there are law and order forces.  Anti-politics will be strictly suppressed.  You promote the development and progress of the government at the grassroots level. He called upon all to remain united at this time.

Earlier, the triennial conference was inaugurated by Dhaka Metropolitan North Awami League President Sheikh Bazlur Rahman.

SM Mannan Kochi, General Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan North Awami League was present as the keynote speaker. The conference was chaired by Salauddin Ahmed Khoka of Ward 1 Awami League and conducted by Acting General Secretary Salauddin Lavlu. Special guests were present at the conference as special guests. Commerce Secretary Khasru Chowdhury, Assistant Office Secretary Abdul Awal Sheikh and 1st Ward Councilor Afshar Uddin Khan.

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