Corruption and misconduct will not be tolerated in Juba League: Sheikh Nayem


Corruption and misconduct will not be tolerated in Juba League: Sheikh Nayem

Sheikh Fazle Nayem joint general secretary of the Central Juba League and barrister in charge of the Chittagong division said corruption and misconduct would not be tolerated in the Juba League. Those who are dreaming of coming to the committee of Juba League in Chittagong by lobbying for money are dreaming day by day. If you want to make Juba League, you need labor talent, dedication and honesty. Those who do not have these qualities, those who are isolated from the staff will not get a place in the committee. Because by possessing these qualities, Juba League has to work for the implementation of the vision 2041 of the national leader Sheikh Hasina.

He said this while addressing an extended meeting of Chittagong South District Juba League organized at Bangabandhu Hall of Chittagong Press Club on Sunday afternoon.  Central Organizing Secretary Saifur Rahman Sohag was the keynote speaker at the meeting presided over by South District Juba League President AMM Tipu Sultan Chowdhury and General Secretary Professor Perth Sarathi Chowdhury.

Central Juba League Information and Research Secretary Mir Mohammad Mohiuddin, Co-Secretary Nasir Uddin Mithu, Executive Member Kaikobad Osmani, Mohammad Ali Mithu, Member Moinul Islam Mamun, Munayem Khan, Rezail Karim Bappi, Chittagong District Juba League Vice President Didarul Islam Chowdhury, Mahbubur spoke.  Rahman Chowdhury, Office Secretary Raju Das Hero, Women Editor Jannatul Ferdous and others.

Barrister Sheikh Fazle Nayem said that the youth should work unitedly against communalism and fundamentalism.  Juba League should be well organized at district, upazila, municipality and union level.  The committee of Juba League has to evaluate the sacrificial leaders and workers.  Inactive workers will not have a place here.  Even if these inactive leaders and activists are mistakenly included in the committee, action will be taken as soon as they come to the notice of the Center.

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