I will continue my efforts to bring Bangladesh back to the constitution of 1972: Murad Hasan


I will continue my efforts to bring Bangladesh back to the constitution of 1972: Murad Hasan

State Minister for Information and Broadcasting. Murad Hasan Mp said, I am the child of freedom fighter. My nationality is the same. I will not think of giving my life for the Prime Minister. I don't steal. The owner of this country is Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, then Bangabandhu's daughter and then the freedom fighters. I was born in Bangabandhu's Bangladesh. I will talk about Bangabandhu. I will speak with my head held high.

He was speaking as a guest on the second day of a joyous program organized on the occasion of the registration of Jagron TV (IP TV) at Padma Life Tower in Banglamator on Sunday night (November 14).

Dr. Murad Hasan Mp said, our most respected mother. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave me the freedom to speak, then Bangabandhu's daughter. Then there is no one else. The murderer Ziaur Rahman, Khandaker Mushtaq has destroyed the country. Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina has saved us from here and reborn us.  No one else has the courage to utter Bangabandhu's dream in this Bengal. I realize, where is my passion, where is my stubbornness?  No one talks. Everyone will loot corruption. And if America, Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore do not build houses all over the world, the leaders will not have prestige.  I hate them.  There is shame.  There is no need to do politics to do these things. Theft, looting, corruption, money laundering will not work in this country.  Will not be allowed to do inshaAllah.

Dr.  Murad Hasan Mp said, this Bangladesh was bought with the blood of 3 million martyrs.  We were not born to enslave anyone.  Bangabandhu did not accept slavery. This is Bangabandhu's Bangladesh. Bangabandhu did not have money. He didn't even do house number 32 himself. He did not have to steal or loot.  Our leaders are monks for two days.  All hybrids, crows, thieves, butchers, touts we know them. After coming to Bengal, Bangabandhu Kanya had to wait till 1996.  Despite repeatedly facing death, he spoke of the spirit of freedom and liberation war.  We can wait another 10-15 years. In time, the Prime Minister will kick them out and throw them into the Bay of Bengal.

The Minister of State for Information said that those who are blessed with the chairmanship in the Union Parishad elections have got the boat.  And those who are weak are becoming rebellious. This is a very bad example. The violence in the UP elections is unacceptable.  At the union level, the Hon'ble Prime Minister allocates so much that it has become a lucrative position.  Today, in 12-13 years, apart from the thick wheels, how many of our leaders have gone around, including the president-secretary of Chhatra League.

"We are a nation of heroes," he said.  In 55 years and 4 months, Bangabandhu has said everything. If you follow these words, it will last for thousands of years. We were able to defeat the Pakistanis in the war. Those shopkeepers who are looting and doing business in the name of Awami League should be punished.  Wait, we can do that too.

He further said, "Today we wear branded clothes for Bangabandhu and Bangabandhu's daughter."  If Sheikh Hasina is not in power, ordinary voters will be oppressed.  That is the truth and reality. The big leaders have stolen and built houses abroad, the pictures in the paper are not really taking organizational action against them. If you steal, there is no breath.  The thief is the thief, the corrupt man is the corrupt man.  We know those who are smuggling money abroad with Bangladesh Bank.  Let the Prime Minister say, hold on, Murad.  I will remove the skin one by one.

Murad Hasan said he would continue his efforts to bring Bangladesh back to the constitution of 1972, adding that Bangabandhu was a world leader. The father of the nation has written the constitution with his life and blood.  Ziaur Rahman, the murderer of Bangabandhu, is the name of the most loyal servant of Pakistan. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem wrote in the constitution.  One step ahead of him, the world brazen general wrote the state religion Islam.

Expressing his best wishes to the newly registered internet protocol television 'Jagron TV', he said, "From today I myself am a member of Jagran.  Many prayers, supplications and blessings for awakening.

Vice Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University in Kishoreganj, Prof. Dr. ZM Parvez Sajjad, Chairperson of Communication Disorders Department of Dhaka University Tauhida Jahan, Former General Secretary of Dhaka Reporters Unity Kabir Ahmad Khan, President of Gaurab'71 SM Monirul Islam Moni, Editor of Bibarta24.net Bani Yasmin Hasi, Prime Minister's Office  Pulak Raha, Alok Dasgupta, Khan Mohammad, Razia Rahman, Head of Jagriti Prakashan, Shahriar Kabir Bidyut, Member of Awami League Sub-Committee on Information and Research  , Barikul Islam Bandhan, Organizing Secretary of Chhatra League, Nazmul Siddiqui Naz, Organizing Secretary of Chhatra League.

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