Tribute of Juba League on Nur Hossain Day

Central and Dhaka Metropolitan Committee of Bangladesh Awami Juba League paid homage to his portrait on the occasion of Shaheed Nur Hossain Day.

On Wednesday (November 10) morning a tribute was paid in Gulistan under the leadership of Bangladesh Awami Juba League Chairman Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash.  Leaders of different police stations and wards were present at the time.

Shaheed Nur Hossain Day is a national day of Bangladesh. The day is observed on November 10 every year in the memory of Shaheed Nur Hossain in the anti-Ershad movement of 1986.

Nur Hossain was an autorickshaw driver by profession. During the anti-dictatorship movement, he joined the procession with the slogan "Let dictatorship be destroyed" on his chest and "Democracy is liberated" on his back and was shot dead by police.

Different cultural and political organizations commemorate the day of Nur Hossain's death through various programs.

Although the day was initially observed as 'historic November 10', its allies and affiliates including Awami League, Swechchhasebak League, Juba League and Chhatra League observe the day as 'Nur Hossain Day'.

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