Chandina's only female candidate wants AL party nomination Adv Hasina Begum

Chandina's only female candidate wants AL party nomination Adv Hasina Begum

In Cumilla's Chandina people are speculating about the upcoming fifth phase of UP elections. However, above all, a woman is already attracting the attention of everyone as a direct chairman candidate. Advocate Hasina Begum Nishi wants to be the only female chairman candidate of Chandina's 13th Joag Union.

Advocate Hasina Begum was at the forefront of the movement with the leaders and workers of Chhatra League when Jamaat-e-Islami was rampant in the field of politics.  She was actively involved in the activities of Chhatra League in the year 2000. Today's young women's league leader Advocate Hasina Begum Nishi has stepped into the arena of politics to keep the BCL leaders and workers strong. She wants to be a boatman in the upcoming 13th Joag Union Parishad elections of Chandina Upazila in the upcoming UP elections. She took the conviction of serving the people and was by the side of the people fearlessly during the epidemic. At night, he stood next to the victims with food and medicine as a front line fighter. She helps people at his own expense. Hasina Begum has been serving the people from the front lines in natural calamities at different times. He is always active in various activities including distribution of blankets in winter, building houses for the helpless, buying rice in the houses of poor women.

After submitting the party nomination form on Wednesday morning, he went down to Joag Union to convey the news of his candidature to the common people through public relations and distribution of leaflets. At this time the present A-League government presented various aspects of various developmental activities to the people. She also informed the general public about the development vision of the Prime Minister in the future.

According to locals, Advocate Hasina Begum Nishi is the daughter of Abdul Sobhan Mollah of Dherara village in Joag Union. Bangabandhu is an ideal soldier. She has been working for a long time to solve various problems of the people. At one time he wanted to be a public representative for public service in motivating the common people. Hasina Begum will be elected as the chairman by a huge vote if people get the boat symbol. Whenever the common man approached him with any problem, he sincerely extended his hand of cooperation to the people. She has been serving as the Joint General Secretary of Chandina Upazila Juba Mahila League for a long time. She has already been praised by the common people and voters in various humanitarian works. Especially female voters are more her fans.  I hope he will be nominated for the boat.

They said that on Thursday morning, Joag went to the people in the union and talked about the various developments of the government. If the boat is nominated in the next election, everyone wants to vote. She said the boat is a symbol of development. The Hon'ble Prime Minister expressed interest in working with everyone for the nomination of the boat candidate. During this time he distributed public relations and leaflets in different areas.

According to Upazila A-League sources, 89 candidates in 12 unions including Joag bought nomination forms for boat nominations. Of these, only one woman candidate in the 13th Joag Union bought the party nomination form.  There are more candidates than this. However, Advocate Hasina Begum Nishi has become a woman candidate as the direct chairman candidate in the entire upazila. Hasina Begum is acting as the joint general secretary of Upazila Juba Mahila League.

Advocate Hasina Begum Nishi, who is hoping to be nominated for the boat, said, "I am preparing myself as a people's representative to serve the people besides the legal profession." People are trusting me to go to people during the epidemic. I hope you can ensure the service in the minds of the people.  If the boat gets nominated then I will work sincerely for a fair election with everyone.

 "I hope the party and the nomination board will nominate me for the boat," he said.  I have been fulfilling the responsibility of the Young Women's League formed by the Hon'ble Prime Minister for a long time with honesty and devotion. I believe I will be rewarded for this honesty.

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