Juba League wants to build a society free from exploitation

Juba League wants to build a society free from exploitation

On the first morning of Victory Day Bangladesh Awami Juba League paid homage with flowers at the Shaheed Bedi of the National Memorial.  The youth leaders led by Juba League central president Fazle Shams Parash laid a wreath at the Shaheed Bedi on Thursday (December 16) at around 9 am.

At this time Fazle Shams Parash said, in order to maintain the dignity of this victory our youth and the new generation must play a role in building the country. They have to show respect. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's cherished dream the sacrifice that our forefathers have accepted through the great liberation war is manifested through that sacrifice and the formation of a society free from exploitation is the desire of our Juba League. Our Juba League and the youth will lead in shaping the future society.

General Secretary of Awami Juba League Mainul Islam Khan Nikhil, Presidium Member Sheikh Fazle Fahim, Moazzem Hossain and Joint Secretary Barrister Sheikh Fazle Naeem along with convener of Ashulia Thana Juba League Kabir Hossain Sarkar, General Secretary Moinul Islam Bhuiyan and other leaders and workers of Central and local Julig were present.

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