Murad is not paying attention to the storm of criticism in the remarks of the state minister

Murad is not paying attention to the storm of criticism in the remarks of the state minister

State Minister for Information. Criticism of various comments of Murad Hasan is going on on social media. Gender experts and rights activists have expressed outrage. However, Murad Hasan says that there is no question that everyone will take all the statements of a political activist well.  He is not wearing these.

The Minister of State for Information, Dr.  Murad Hasan.  He has also been accused of using racist language.

Gender experts and rights activists have condemned the state minister's remarks as "ugly", "indecent" and "disgraceful". However, State Minister Murad is not paying attention to these criticisms. Although the video was removed from his Facebook timeline Murad Hassan says he is still in the same position.

On the night of December 1, Murad Hasan joined a Facebook live under the headline 'Sick Khaleda, perverted BNP leader and activist'.  The live was hosted by Nahid Raines, a YouTuber and Facebooker.

He made various remarks about Jaima Rahman, the daughter of the fugitive accused and senior vice chairman of the party Tarique Rahman who was convicted at one stage of the BNP's political criticism live. Besides, the state minister also spoke about the birth and family of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia.

The state minister's remarks have been criticized on social media as "extremely offensive". The live discussion was seen on the timeline of the state minister's verified page till Saturday night, but it will not be seen on Monday. However, it has been removed from the timeline, but it has been seen in the video part of the state minister's Facebook page.

State Minister on Sunday.  Asked about Murad Hassan's position, he said, "Since I do politics, I am a political activist. Everyone will take everything well, there is no such thing.  He can criticize. '

However Murad Hasan is throwing critics in the opposition. "Those who criticize are either our enemy or the opposition or the opposition or the anti-independence forces of '71," he said.  They will criticize. I don't really have time to look at these. '

Asked about the alleged use of derogatory words against women, the state minister said, "I do not understand insulting women! To which woman? '

Claiming that no woman was insulted in her words, she said, "There is no question.  I have a mother. I was born from a mother's womb. I have a sister, I have a wife, I have children, I have a daughter. I do not have the mentality to speak insultingly.

That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. I don't have time to worry about that."

Asked about the rationale for using words like 'Makshirani', Murad Hasan did not respond directly. He said, ‘Where Ziaur Rahman Saheb was born, where Begum Zia was born, none of them were born in Bengal. Their family history is not really very positive. These are not positive issues.

"It simply came to our notice then. No one was born in Bangladesh. No one holds Bangladesh.  Do not nurture Bangladesh. Do not carry Bangladesh. They do not love the people of Bengal. As a result, they have done the politics of killing. Q's politics. Ziaur Rahman has killed thousands of heroic freedom fighters. You all know all this. Khaleda Zia has followed in her footsteps."

He hung up the phone, saying he was too busy to ask why the original video had been removed from the Facebook timeline.

Gender experts and women's rights activists have expressed their anger and frustration over the state minister's remarks.

Dhaka University Professor of Women and Gender Studies. Tania Haque said, "Everyone should be careful in choosing words while giving speeches. It is not right to make derogatory remarks on both men and women."

Professor Sadeka Halim, who is the first woman to be the Chief Information Commissioner of the country, said that more responsibilities of the Minister of State for Information should be discussed.

Sadeka Halim, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Dhaka University, said:

‘It is not right to speak in a derogatory manner.  It should not be forgotten that 50% of the total population of our country is women and they are making significant contribution in various fields. It is never desirable to attack anyone personally. "

Khushi Kabir, a human rights activist, lamented the state minister's remarks, saying, "I think he has made his own thoughts, position, morals and status clear to everyone through this statement." The state minister has insulted and humiliated the entire nation through her speech.

Khushi Kabir said, "She (Murad Hasan) has insulted her leader the most, our honorable Prime Minister. Our Prime Minister is making clear statements about women's rights everywhere."

Khushi Kabir said, "When he (Murad Hasan) himself says that 'my face is very bad', my big question is how he is in the cabinet as a minister."

We are outraged by the statement of State Minister Murad Hasan.

He said, ‘He (state minister) used a word, Jaima lives with blacks, what does that mean?  What is the crime of being with blacks?  What does he mean by black? Are blacks too bad?  Blacks are very sexy?  Do they have bad girls?

‘But we don’t use the word black now.  We say African-American.  We do not speak Negro.  We think when we say black, whether we say it or not. But he said in a hurry.  It is very sad, frustrating for us.

Jinat Ara Haque expressed frustration, saying, "We are very happy to have educated people in Parliament.  But if that's the case with education, then we need to think about what we're actually learning through our formal education."

"It simply came to our notice then.  I was having trouble hearing his words. '

Jinat Ara Haque said, "He (State Minister) has said words like 'Makshirani'. By saying such things, women who are marginalized, women who are much more upset, are upsetting them even more. Who actually says these words?  Those who are Lemans, those who are less acquainted those who behave in a traditional way in the society, they say. '

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